theatre [ t n ballet [ bl n - Методические указания по английскому языку к учебнику English for Businessmen...

^ theatre [ t n ballet [ bl n

modern  m:dn adj ^ actress  ktrs n interval  ntv n recommend  rek mend v

Задание 4.2.2 Прочтите заглавие и скажите, в чём, по вашему мнению, состоит основное содержание текста.

Задание 4.2.3 Прочтите текст, с тем, чтобы ответить на вопросы по основному содержанию текста:

Задание 4.2.4 Ответьте на вопросы к тексту:

1. What are the popular theatres in London?

2. What is the Aldwych Theatre famous for?

3. Mr. Dunn liked the performance of the play “Othello” at the

theatre, didn’t he?

4. Why did Mr. Dunn recommend Borisov to see a performance

at the Aldwych Theatre and to book seats for it in advance?

* * *

5. Did Borisov decide to see “Pygmalion” or “Othello” at the Aldwych Theatre?

6. What seats did Borisov buy for this performance?

Let’s Speak About Theatres and Performances

Borisov is a great theatre-goer. So once after the talks he asked Mr. Dunn:

Borisov: What is on at London theatres now?

Dunn: There is a bit of everything. The Covent Garden Theatre is famous for opera and ballet performance with the best English singers, ballerinas and ballet dancers. The National Theatre shows the best in the world drama. Some theatres put on modern plays and at others you can metimes enjoy good musicals, folk songs concerts or concerts of “pop” music.

Borisov: Mr. Dunn, I’ve heard very much about the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. It’s in Stratford-on-Avon, isn’t it?

Dunn: Right. But in 1960 the Royal Shakespeare Company also began to perform at the Aldwych Theatre, in London where they put on both classical and new plays.

Borisov: Have you seen any performances on the stage of the Stratford Theatre?

Dunn: Oh, yes. As a matter of fact my wife and I were there a couple of months ago and saw “Othello”.

Borisov: What did you think of it?

Dunn: It was an excellent performance. The cast was very good, except for the actress who played the part of Desdemona. She was rather ordinary.

Borisov: What was wrong with her performance?

Dunn: Well, there was no feeling in it. During the interval everyone was saying that.

Borisov: How about the actor who played the part of Othello?

Dunn: Oh, his performance was very convincing and dramatic. There were seven or eight curtain calls for him, when the performance was over.

Borisov: There was a full house, I believe.

Dunn: Yes, indeed! It’s an extremely popular theatre. Anyway, Mr. Borisov, I recommend you to go and see some play at the Aldwych Theatre. You’ll enjoy it. But I also recommend you to book seats in advance.

Borisov: That sounds a good idea.

* * *

Some days later Borisov went to the Aldwych Theatre to book seats for “Pygmalion” by B. Shaw.

Near the booking-office he saw some people who were buying tickets. Borisov spoke to the cashier.

Borisov: Good afternoon. Can I book seats for the Monday performance?

Cashier: I have only two seats in the dress circle for Monday evening.

Borisov: Isn’t there anything better for Monday?

Cashier: No, but there’s a better choice for the Tuesday performance. I have two seats in the sixth row of the stalls and two seats in the third row of the dress circle.

Borisov: I’ll take the two seats in the stalls. How much are they?

Cashier: 20 pounds. Here are your tickets. Thank you, sir.

Задание 4.2.5 Опираясь на содержание прочитанного текста, закончите предложения, используя предлагаемые варианты:

1) You can see different kinds of performance at…

  1. London cinemas;

b) New York theatres;

c) London theatres.

2) The Royal Shakespeare company performs…

a) only in Stratford-on-Avon;

b) in different theatres of London;

c) both in the Aldwych Theatre and in Stratfort-on-Avon.

3) The actor who played the part of Othello was rather…

a) excellent;

b) ordinary;

c) dramatic.

4) Mr. Dunn recommended Borisov to go to … and see some performance there.

a) Stratford;

b) The National Theatre;

c) The Aldwych Theatre.

* * *

5) At the booking-office of the Aldwych Theatre there was a big choise of tickets for…

a) the Monday performance;

b) the weekends;

c) the Tuesday performance.

6) Borisov bought two seats in…

a) the stalls;

b) the dress-circle;

c) the the first row.

Задание 4.2.6 Передайте содержание текста на английском языке, используя нижеприведённый план:

1) The programme of the London theatres.

2) The performance “Othello” Mr. and Mrs. Dunn saw at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

3) The Aldwych Theatre in London.

4) The seats Borisov booked for theTuesday performance.

^ 4.3 Слова к тексту

1. a theatre [   n

- театр

to go to the theatre

e.g. Yesterday I went to the Bolshoy Theatre

С названиями театров употребляется определенный артикль.

2. a theatre-goer n

- любитель театра, театрал

3. once [   v

- однажды

4. opera [   n

- опера

e.g. I like opera.

Would you like to go and listen to

an opera at the Bolshoy?

5. ballet [   n

- балет

e.g. I like ballet.

- Would you like to go and see a

ballet at the Bolshoy?

- Yes, the ballet “ Jiselle” is my

favourite I’d like to see it.

6. a performance [   n

- 1. спектакль, театральное представление

good |

popular | performance

boring |

e. g. The performance of the actor who played the part of Hamlet was very good.

2. исполнение ( роли, песни )

7. to perform v

- давать представление, выступать, играть

8. a singer [   n

- певец, певица

9. to sing [   ( sang, sung) v

- петь

10. a ballerina [    n

- балерина

11. a ballet dancer [    n

- танцор, танцовщица

12. drama [   n

- драма, драматическое произведение

13. dramatic [    adj

- драматичный

14. to put on v

- ставить ( на сцене )

| a performance

to put on | a ballet

15. modern [   adj

- современный

16. a play n

- пьеса

to put on |

to see | a play

to enjoy |

17. a song [  n

- песня

good |

lovely| sond


18. folk [ foulk] adj

- народный

folk | song


19. a concert [   n

- концерт

20. music [ mju: zik] n

- музыка

e.g. What kind of music do you enjoy?

pop music

- популярная музыка

21. also [   v

- также

22. classical [ klsikl] adj

- классический

23. a stage [   n

- сцена

on the stage

24. excellent [   adj

- отличный, превосходный

| performance

| song

an excellent | concert

| film

25. a cast [ka: st] n

- состав исполнителей

e.g. In any performance at the Bolshoy Theatre the cast is usually good.

26. except [ik sept] prep

- кроме

syn.: except for

e.g. The engineers have discussed all the problems except ( for ) the terms of delivery.

27. an actress [ ktris ] n

- актриса

28. rather [  ] adv

- довольно

e.g. It is a rather good play. The film is rather boring.

29. a feeling [   n

- чувство

30. convincing [   adj

- убедительный

| performance

convincing | film

| answer

31. a curtain [   n

- занавес

curtain call

- вызов актера ( на сцену )

32. to be over v

- окончиться

e.g. The film will be over in 20 minutes.

33. to believe [ bi li:v ] v

- думать, полагать

I believe so.

- думаю, что так

I believe not.

- думаю, что не так

34. indeed [ in di:d ] adv

- действительно

35. extremely [ iks tri:mli ] adv

- очень, чрезвычайно

| interesting

extremely | important

| difficult

36. anyway [ eniwei] adv

- во всяком случае

37. to book v

- заказать, брать билет ( театральный, железнодорожный )

38. a seat n

- место ( в театре )

39. a booking - office [   ] n

- касса ( в театре )

40. a cashier [    n

- кассир

41. dress circle [   

- бельэтаж

in the dress circle

42. a choice [   n

- выбор

large |

small | choice

good |

to have a choice

- иметь выбор

to make a choice

- сделать выбор, выбрать

e.g. He had no choice, but to go there.

43. stalls [   n

- партер

in the stalls

44. a row [ rou ] n

- ряд

45. pound [ paund ] n

-фунт(денежная единица )

46. to dance [ da: ns ] v

- танцевать

47. a character [   n

- герой, действующее лицо

48. a circus [   n

- цирк

49. a director

- режиссер

50. to be excited [ ik saitid ]

- быть взволнованным


^ 5.1 Грамматика: Эквиваленты модальных глаголов

Упражнение 5.1.1 Вставьте артикли, где необходимо:

1. –Where can I buy a coat?

–There’s ... department store in this district. There’s a very good choice of coats at ... department store.

–Is there ... shoe department there too?

–Yes, there’s, but ... department is not very large. You’ll have to call at the Central Department Store. There are ... shoe departments there.

2. –I want a pair of shoes but I don’t know my English size.

–Try on this pair for ... size, please.

–Oh, the shoes are too small for me. Give me ... size larger.

–Here is another pair.

–... size is all right for me, but I don’t like the style.


Lise [laiz] walks along ... wide street, she looks for ... new dress. She stops at ... door of ... department store and comes in. She goes to ... Resort Department: she has found ... dress. It is ... bright yellow modern dress. She goes to ... fitting room and tries on ... dress.

‘’It’s ... lovely dress,’’ says ... salesgirl.

‘’I’ll take ... dress,’’ says Lise.

Then she sees ... coat for summer wear in red and white. Very quickly she puts on ... coat over ... new dress.

‘’You won’t be able to wear ... two together, but it’s ... lovely coat over ... white or blue dress.’’

‘’But I think they go very well together,’’ Lise says, and gives ... coat and ... dress to ... girl: ’’I’ll have them. ... colours of ... dress and ... coat are perfectly right for me.’’

Lise pays ... money and ... salesgirl gives her ... purchase.

Lise leaves ... department.

Упражнение 5.1.2 Употребите глагол в скобках в нужной форме:

1. If Mike (to be, to go) on holiday on Monday, he (to have, to go) shopping on Saturday.

2. If we (can, to go) shopping at eleven tomorrow we (to be able, to make) all the purchases by lunch time.

3. If May (to have, to go) to the supermarket in the afternoon she (not to be able, to go) to the cinema with us.

4. If my husband (not to have, to stay) late at the office today we (to be able, to call) at the Central Department Store.


A few days ago Elsa (to call at) a big shoe shop in Madison Avenue for some shoes.

When she (to come in) the salesman (to speak) to another customer and Elsa (to have) to wait a few minutes.

When Elsa (to try on) black shoes she (to say),

‘’I (to have) to try on another pair. These shoes (to be) a little large for me.’’

‘’But I (not to know) if I (to be able) to find a smaller size in black. This model (to be) very popular and (to sell) very well. We (to sell) quite a lot of this model this week. But I (to have) to see, ’’the salesman (to say).

Five minutes later he (to come back) with a pair of brown shoes: ‘’(to try on) these for size. If you (to like) them I (to have) to order them in black.’’

Elsa (to put on) the brown shoes. ’’They (to fit) me and I (to like) the colour. I (to buy) them.’’

(After The Hot House by the East River by Muriel Spark)

Упражнение 5.1.3 Вставьте предлоги:

1. –I’d like to buy a dress ... better wear.

–Let’s call ... the Central Department Store, there’s a good choice ... dresses there.

2. –I called ... you yesterday morning, but you were out.

–I went shopping ... some food.

3. Why do many people prefer supermarkets ... small food shops?

4. –I think this coat is the right size ... me.

–Yes, it fits you perfectly.


Last Saturday Joan went shopping ... clothes. She called ... a big shop ... ready-made clothes ... the 5th Avenue. She wanted to buy a dress ... office wear. ... the shop she tried ... a few dresses ... the fitting-room.

When she put ... the first dress she saw that it was too short ... her. The second dress was longer than the first one but it was too tight. The third dress looked nice ... her, it fitted her perfectly but it was green and Joan wanted something ... brown, and it cost more than Joan wanted to spend.

Then she called ... a small shop and bought a dress. It was the right size and colour and it was not expensive ... her. She liked the dress very much.

Упражнение 5.1.4 а) Выберите глаголы: to say, to tell, to speak

1. What did you ...? I can’t hear you.

2. Mary ... me everything about her holiday.

3. How many languages do you ...?

4. She ... ‘’Good-bye’’ and left.

5. I ... to the company manager on the phone yesterday.

6. ... the manager that Mr Lauson phoned him 10 minutes ago.

7. What did the president ... about at the conference?

8. Does your director ... good English?

b) Once when Mark Twain and his friend were in England they visited their friends and had dinner with them. They were to make speeches there. Mark Twain was the first to ... . He ... 20 minutes and everyone liked his speech. When the man asked Mark Twain’s friend to ... them something, he ...: ‘’Ladies and Gentlemen! Before this dinner we agreed with Mark to exchange speeches. He has just ... you what I wanted to ... and I’m glad that you liked it. But I’m sorry to ... I’ve lost Mark Twain’s speech and cannot remember what he wanted to ... you.’’

Упражнение 5.1.5 Вставьте модальные глаголы и их экви-валенты:

1. We ... to go to the plant with Mr Brown this Monday, but he hasn’t arrived in Moscow yet. We ... to go to the plant next week.

2. There is no stop near this building, you ... to get off at the next stop.

3. These things are not duty-free. You ... to pay duty on them.

4. If you don’t leave now, you ... not to come to the concert on time.

5. When ... the Sellers to deliver the goods?

6. We ... to reserve accommodation for Mr Brown tomorrow.

7. As the Buyer ... not provide shipping facilities the Seller ... to deliver the goods on CIF terms.

Упражнение 5.1.6 Переведите на английский:

1. –Ты сможешь пойти с нами в театр?

–К сожалению, нет. Мне придется задержаться на работе до 7 часов.

2. –Ты навестил вчера Анну?

–Нет, мне пришлось остаться дома писать письма.

–Ты собираешься пойти к ней сегодня?

–К сожалению, нет. Мне предстоит поехать в аэропорт встретить

г-на Брауна.

3. –Кто должен ехать в командировку в Киев?

–Колосов должен был поехать туда, но он плохо себя чувствует, и придется мне поехать туда.

–Когда ты едешь?

–Я смогу поехать только через пять дней.


1. Что он сказал?

2. Что он сказал Вам?

3. Вы собираетесь выступить (говорить) на конференции?

4. Он рассказал нам много интересного о Лондоне.

5. О чем Вы собираетесь говорить?

6. Он сказал Вам что-нибудь важное?

7. Директор конторы сказал, чтобы мы провели переговоры на этой неделе.

8. На уроках английского языка вы должны говорить по-английски.


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